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‘DANTAN MANAV KALYAN KENDRA’, which was formerly known as ‘DANTAN HUMAN SEBA KENDRA’ was established in 2002 by some dynamic youths of Dantan-I block on the basis of human welfare and social development programmes for under privileged people particularly children, women and neglected people. The group of dynamic youth decided to apply for registration to the Registrar of societies, Farms & Non-Trading Corporation, Kolkata. Applied for registration in the month of April, 2002 and got registration on 02.02.2002. It is registered under West Bengal Societies registration Act XXVI of 1961 with the objective of developing communities by encouraging the community people to implement the projects of sustainable nature. The organization has been working since 2002 and to be till fulfilling the want, expectation and holistic development of the people especially to the people live in difficult situation. Initially the organization started to expand by right based activities & creating awareness on different issues, build up sustainable environment with access to shelter, food, cloth, education, health, culture etc. and creating infrastructure for sustainable development. We concentrated to create positive mentality among the children, women and backward people by changing the behavior. Our experience is that the gap between the fast rate of development of recent and existence static rate of cultural development is the main cause not having uniform positive mentality or behavior.

  1. To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage schools, libraries, and hospitals for the benefit of the public.
  2. To arrange and organize lecture, debate, discussions, seminars & excursions for the diffusion of knowledge.
  3. To publish or cause to be published useful literatures, magazines etc
  4. To study, cultivate and demonstrate the art of music and dancing.
  5. To promote and encourage advancement of literacy, cultural, political, religious, scientific and technical education.
  6. To help the needy students of all community for the prosecution of studies.
  7. To collect and preserve manuscripts, printing sculptures, works of art, antiquities Natural history specimens’ instruments and designs.
  8. To help the aged, sick, helpless and indigent persons.
  9. To collect donations and subscriptions for the purpose of the Kendra.
  10. To construct, maintain, improve, develop and alter any buildings, houses or other works necessary or convenient for the use of Kendra.
  11. To do all such acts, deeds, matters and things as may be decided incidental or conducive to the foregoing objects.
  12. To organize women and children development programmes.
  13. To work for the development and welfare of S.C.S.T, O.B.C children and also physically handicapped and to render benevolent services towards the people living below poverty line.
  14. To take scheme of crèche/balwadi & infant development scheme for the welfare of the children/infant of the working area.
  15. To up-grade the economic and social status of the poor in habitant of our working area.
  16. To aware the consumers about their rights & protection & role of fair business practices under consumer protection Act 1986.
  17. To adopt all sorts of schemes of Central social Welfare Board for all-round development of the society.
  18. To adopt all sorts of schemes of Central Medicinal Plant Board to cultivate medicinal plant.
  19. To organize vocational training programme for handicapped, female & backward people of the society.
  20. To organize different training programme i.e Horticulture, animal Husbandry & other technical training programmes for male & female candidates.